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In a 1995 interview in the journal TransSisters: The Journal of Transsexual Feminism, Sandy Stone revealed that prior to Raymond’s attacks on her, she (Raymond) had an unrequited crush on her (Stone). Here, perhaps, is the private motivation for Raymond’s viciousness toward transsexuals.

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I need to find this original interview because OMG this is perfect. I need this for my book.

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I believe it’s in here somewhere. I’m reading this up like the greatest flavour of ice cream after a bad day.

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This is better than Ben & Jerry’s!

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Amazon headcanon

  • Outsider: So what do you do with the boys?
  • Amazon: The what?
  • Outsider: The boys! When a boy is born, do you kill him? Leave him out to die?
  • Amazon: We hurt none of our children in this way. What is a boy?
  • Outsider: The ones that would grow up to be men.
  • Amazon: There are no men among the Amazons.
  • Outsider: I mean...what do you do with ones who have, you know...*gestures to crotch*
  • Amazon: *oblivious* What?
  • Outsider: THE ONES WITH PENISES! What do you do with them?
  • Amazon: Nothing. Why? What do you do to them?
  • Outsider: Well...raise them to be men, I guess.
  • Amazon: There are no men among the Amazons.


dmab trans people can’t be “in between” genders because femmeness is marked as other. it is stands out and isn’t classified as androgyny. If I wore a dress and didn’t shave my beard, I wouldn’t be seen as androgynous, I would be seen as a man failing at femininity.

but a dfab queer can put on a blazer and suddenly they are are these radical edgy gender transgressors.

fuck outta here  

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Why can’t we just all agree that the AFA is a racist organization?

An Ásatrú group I belong to on Facebook has been adamantly anti-racist (nominally, at least) since I joined. However, the AFA stood up for them in this Othalagate 2014 debacle, and suddenly the AFA can do no wrong in their eyes.

Telling someone they can’t practice Ásatrú because of their skin color or heritage is racist. Choosing to accommodate people with white nationalist ties just because they share your beliefs makes you part of the problem. Joining an organization headed by a known racist makes your own stance on race issues incredibly suspect.

Scandinavian heathens agree these losers are racist, so why can’t we?

It’s one thing to join a religion because you personally want to get in touch with your heritage. That’s perfectly fine. I did the same thing. It’s quite another, however, for members of the most privileged group of them all (the overwhelming majority of AFA members are cishet white guys) to tell other people they can’t practice their religion or feel close to the Norse Gods.

Belief in a “folksoul” defined by race is racist. Exclusion of PoC and other minorities from a religion is racist. Preaching that the Gods will not connect with a person because of their skin color is racist. The fact that a psychologist said it, or a religious leader, or someone who has identified themselves as “not racist” does not exempt it from critique. Just because you’ve made it an “-ism” in the world of American Heathenry doesn’t make it okay.

The AFA presents themselves as very professional. They sugar-coat their message. They try to justify themselves by comparing their practice to First Nation religious groups and saying things like “my PoC friend thinks what we’re doing is perfectly fine.” I’m sure some of the people who join just don’t understand, don’t think they could possibly be racist, or have been trapped by McNallen’s rhetoric.

But at the end of the day, one simply fact remains:


Sorry, I will not accommodate racism for the sake of religious solidarity. I’m not much for “live and let live” when it comes to bigots. 

Canadian Heathen here in total agreement.

The Olympics

I see many pro-gay things coming across my dash regarding the Olympics. Although I wholeheartedly support advocating for sexual minority rights, especially in Russia’s queerphobic climate. However, let us keep a moment of pause to remember that the Olympics are very explicitly transphobic and intersex-phobic. To the extent that they will even test your chromosomes. So a lot of this support may be LGB, but it is not T or I.

Edit: I wanted to make a note that although some progress has been made for trans people in the Olympics (http://edition.cnn.com/2004/SPORT/05/17/olympics.transsexual/) this policy still excludes the vast majority of trans folks who are not able to get legal recognition of their gender and, many of which do not wish for or do not have access to bottom surgery.



Janet Mock returns to Piers Morgan Live. (x)

My people are everything. Thank you for supporting me tonight. I exist among giants. I love you all. 

Janet Mock is everything. Beauty beauty grace grace love love. Justice. Love in public.

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